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K9145D10 Automated Portable Calibration

Calibration of accelerometers in accordance with ISO 16063-21 (2003)

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The Portable Accelerometer Calibration System, Model K9145D10, features accurate back-to-back comparison calibration of accelerometers in accordance with ISO 16063-21 (2003). A derivative of the industry-leading 9155 Accelerometer Calibration Workstation and based on a laptop PC system with a state-of-the-art 24-bit USB dynamic signal analyzer module, the K9145D10 offers a portable, turnkey calibration solution suitable for both laboratory and field portability.

The K9145D10 system supports a variety of accelerometer types, including ICP® (IEPE), charge piezoelectric and voltage mode transducers. Other common accelerometers, such as piezoresistive and capacitive, can be supported by including additional signal conditioning. The included 9110D Portable Vibration Calibrator provides best-in-class rugged portability and offers simple, elegant usability as a standalone unit for in-situ calibrations. Velocity control software allows for constant velocity sweeps to calibrate velocity transducers.

All system components are selected for optimal portable performance within a secondary calibration system, starting with the industry’s most proven reliable portable vibration calibration system shaker, the 9110D, and precision quartz ICP® reference accelerometer. Additional components included with the portable system are a Windows laptop controller with software and printer, system verification accelerometer, portable calibration system, common transducer cabling and a variety of mounting accessories.



  • Portable system suitable for calibrations and field calibrations
  • Traceable calibrations to NIST and PTB
  • High Efficiency operation, calibrations typically performed in less than 5 minutes per axis including setup time
  • Includes on-site installation and training
  • Conforms to the strict requirements of ISO 16063 (2003) and ISO 17025 (2005)
  • Entry-level solution for laboratories with a moderate number of sensors
  • Model 9110D may be used seperately for in-situ calibrations
  • Calibrates both accelerometers and velocity sensors


Flexible and Simple Solutions

As a crucial part of the Model K9145D10Accelerometer Calibration Workstation, the Windows 7®- and Windows 8®-compatible control software has been designed to provide accurate calibrations and an easy-to-use graphical user interface, based on the 40+ years of accelerometer manufacturing experience and more than 1,000,000 calibrations performed at PCB Piezotronics.


  • Simple intuitive user interface
  • Fully customizable calibration certificate through Microsoft Excel
  • Open SQL database for storing test parameters and calibration results
  • Calibrates at up to 200 user-defined frequencies
  • Reports calibration data in English or Metric units
  • Include phase measurement for modal applications


K9145D10 Specifications:

Frequency Range

7 Hz - 10 kHz

Typical Measurement Uncertainty 1

3% (7 Hz - 2 kHz)
1 dB (2 kHz - 10 kHz)

Calibration Method

Back-to-back comparison per ISO 16063-21 (2003)


Sensitivity, Amplitude, Phase

Accelerometers Supported

ICP®, Charge, Voltage, Capacitive 2, Piezoresistive 2 , CVLD 2

Sensors Supported

Acceleration, Velocity

Excitation Type

Stepped Sine, Multi-sine

Acceleration Levels

1 to 10 gpk

Calibration Data Management


Automatic pass/fail Classification


Measurement Units

English, Metric

Main Voltage Supply

Universal 100-240 Volts

On-Site Installation and Training 3


Number of Frequency Points Supported


Test Reference Frequency


1 Uncertainty valid for sensors with mass of less than 50 grams (1.75 oz) and sensitivity of 1 mV/g or greater
2 Requires additional signal conditioners
3 Excludes travel and living expenses outside the United States


Supplied Accessories:

Laptop controller
9155 Calibration software
9110D portable vibration calibrator
Data acquisition hardware

Database software
In-line charger amplifier
System verification sensor
Various mounting adapters and cables