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Portable Vibration Shaker Table Trade-In Program

Recycle Your Old Vibration Calibrator for 15% Off a New Unit

Do you have an old wobble plate, portable shaker table or portable vibration calibrator? Regardless of make or model, in working order or not, we are offering a 15% discount on a new calibrator from The Modal Shop when you trade in your old unit.


The Modal Shop is revolutionizing portable calibration and system verification with the 9100 and 9200 Series Portable Shaker Tables and Vibration Calibrators. 9100 Series offers a useable frequency range of 5 Hz to 10 kHz while the 9200 Low Frequency versions operate from 0.7 Hz to 2 kHz. Customers around the globe are experiencing the benefits of using these new, rugged units:

  • Troubleshooting proximity probes and creating test reports
  • Closed loop control allows for quicker sensor calibrations
  • All-day usage with long battery life
  • Improved payload and adaptors for calibrating low frequency accelerometers, 4-20 mA vibration transmitters and electronic switches
  • Superior low frequency range allowing for simulation of slow speeds
  • Easy change from velocity to acceleration, peak to RMS, metric or English units
  • Quickly calibrate in displacement peak-to-peak, metric or English units
  • Simplified user interface
  • Lightweight yet rugged design built to survive in harsh conditions
  • Create ISO 17025-compliant calibration certificates without installing any software
  • Power and read sensor sensitivity bias voltage in real time

Industrial Vibration Analysts and Process Instrumentation Engineers are using portable shaker tables and vibration calibrators to:

  • Ensure accelerometers used for route-based maintenance have not shifted in sensitivity at critical frequencies
  • Troubleshoot ski slope and bias voltage shift issues
  • Calibrate proximity probes
  • Verify early detection, high frequency bearing fault methodology
  • Confirm PLC alert and alarm trip points and time delays
  • Set alarm trip points on electronic vibration switches