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Machine Vibration Monitoring

Predictive Maintenance

The Model 687A01 Vibration Meter Kit puts predictive maintenance into the hands of machinery operators. Simple enough to use with minimal staff training, it conveniently measures the vibration levels of bearings, gears, and spindles for predictive maintenance requirements. The kit is supplied with an industrial accelerometer, a cable assembly, a high-strength mounting magnet, and headphones for audible monitoring. The portable, lightweight, battery powered meter provides both overall acceleration and velocity measurements. The unit is ideal for measuring the vibration severity of fans, motors, and pumps, and is also useful for verifying the DC bias voltage of industrial accelerometers for troubleshooting permanently installed sensors and cables.


full specs

  • Conveniently measures velocity and acceleration
  • Conforms to ISO 2954 and 10816
  • Measures vibration severity
  • Troubleshoots permanently installed sensor cables
  • Verifies DC sensor bias voltage

Rental Kit Includes:
687A02 - Meter
603C01 - ±50g range industrial sensor
070A47 - Headphones
050BQ006AC - Sensor cable
080A131 - 35lb curved surface magnet

SDC002 VibeAlarm™
full specs

  • Excess Machinery Vibration Limit Switch
  • Two Levels of Alarm with Latching or Momentary Settings
  • Computer Programmable Band-Pass Filtering
  • LCD Display or Output with LED Indicators
  • BNC Provides Raw Accelerometer Signal
  • ICP® Sensor Power

Rental Kit Includes:
SDC002 - VibAlarm
Selctable sensor - Single channel accelerometer
Setup software
Serial connection cable