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Larson Davis NoiseTutor Monitoring System Overview

Rapid Deployment Sound Level Meter System for Real-time Alerts

The Larson Davis NoiseTutor is an integrated solution utilizing the Larson Davis Model 831 sound level meter for remote noise monitoring.  NoiseTutor produces real-time reporting and alerts via an internet connection.          

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Continuous monitoring of environmental noise for short term projects, particularly in a remote area, has always presented unique challenges.  To avoid complex installatons and frequent visits to remote locations, The Modal shop offers the NoiseTutor from Larson Davis - a portable, integrated solution for rapid deployment in the field creating the ability to publish real-time data to the web and send automatic alerts via email or SMS/text messaging.

The NoiseTutor system uses the versatile Larson Davis Model 831 sound level meter to take measurements, allowing the system to perform basic data logging, octave band analysis, exceedance logging, measurement history, and sound recording.  All data can be further analyzed using Larson Davis DNA software.  In addition to the 831, the NoiseTutor consists of a compact PC and appropriate modem for internet connection (cellular, WiFi, or wired ethernet).

NoiseTutor allows users the ability to respond quickly to sound events by publishing user selected real-time data to the web with alerts sent via email. For an example of published data, please view a live data stream here.

If real-time data viewed via the web is not needed, the NoiseTutor can also run in an off-line mode.  In this mode, data is stored on the machine itself and is periodically uploaded to a FTP site.  At this point the standard .slmdl files and .ogg audio files can be downloaded for processing in SLM Utility-G4 or DNA software.

Benefits of the NoiseTutor 

  • Easily deployed, temporary monitoring solution
  • Offers existing capabilities of the Model 831 sound level meter
  • Real-time, customizable on-line data publication and email alerts
  • Off-line mode to store files on the PC or forward to FTP site
  • Seamless integration with all Larson Davis sound level meter software
  • Remote management of a single unit or a network of NoiseTutors
  • Compatibility with existing Larson Davis microphones and outdoor protection equipment


  • User selectable multi-parameter Data Logging
  • Measurement History allows longer term parameters to be stored simultaneously with Data Logging (e.g., Ln and histogram tables)
  • Exceedance History with programmable length and triggers
  • Useable with wired ethernet, WiFi, or cellular internet connections
  • Real-time 1/1 and 1/3 Octave Frequency Analysis
  • Advanced sound recording for sound identification or post-processing

Standards Compliance

  • IEC 61672-1 Class 1 when used with Model 831
  • ANSI S1.4 Type 1 when used with Model 831