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Larson Davis LxT Sound Level Meter Overview

The SoundTrack LxT® Sound Level Meter was developed to meet the unique needs of those involved in workplace noise exposure assessment, plant noise surveys and noise ordinance enforcement. With a sleek ergonomic design, it is able to be held and operated with just one hand.  The LxT is the perfect tool for gathering, analyzing and presenting detailed noise environment data quickly and easily. New and better ways to organize your sampling methodology and annotate noise survey data save time and provide concise results at a price that won't consume your entire instrumentation budget.

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Key LxT Hardware Features Include:

  • 256MB internal memory standard, most rental units have 2GB
  • Over 100dB Dynamic Range (38 - 140dBA in standard range)
  • RMS and Peak A, C and Z Frequency Weighting
  • RMS Slow, Fast and Impulse Detection
  • Microphone extension cabling supported to 60m/200ft
  • "Quiet Touch" keypad
  • Backlit LCD display with full navigation, even while collecting data
  • Easy, one-handed operation
  • Over 16 hours of operation using 4 AA batteries included (30hrs with Lithium batteries not included)
  • Versatile options include built in digital correction between freefield and random incidence microphones
  • Works with any standard 0V prepolarized condenser microphone - high sensitivity 377B02 included unless another requested
  • USB 2.0 Connections for computer connectivity and USB storage


  • User selectable multi-parameter Data Logging (standard to 1s)
    (as fast as 100ms with HSLOG option) (*)
  • Real Time 1/1 & 1/3 Octave Frequency Analysis (*)
  • Measurement History allows longer term parameters to be stored simultaneously with Data Logging (e.g., Ln and histogram tables)
  • Exceedance Event Counters: two RMS event counters and three peak event counters (threshold level, event counter and duration for each exceedance)
  • Multiple setup configurations can be stored on each meter
  • Outdoor kits and options available for unattended monitoring  
  • G3 Software allows easy meter setup and data download
  • Blaze Software allows additional analysis and reporting

(*) Indicates an available option

Examples of Onboard Storage Capabilities of 2GB LxT:

  • 100 million point Leq Time History (0.1dB resolution)
  • 30 million 1/1 octave spectra
  • 12 million 1/3 octave spectra
  • 1.2 million Full LxT Measurement Histories (including 1/1, 1/3 octave Leq, plus Dose)

Standards Met:

ANSI ANSI S1.4-1983 (R 2006) plus Amendment S1.4A-1985 (R 2006), Type 1 (SLM)
ANSI S1,43-1997, Type 1 (SLM)
ANSI S1.11-2004 Class 0 (Octave Filter)
ANSI S1.25-1991 Class 1 (Noise Dosimeter)
IEC IEC61672-1 (2002-05) Class 1, Group X IEC60651 (1979) plus Amendment 1 (SLM)
(1993-02) and Amendment 2 (2000-10) Type 1, Group X (SLM)
IEC60804 (2000-10) Type 1, Group X (SLM)
IEC61260 (1995-07) Ed. 1.0 plus Amendment 1 (2001-09), 1/1 and 1/3- octave Bands, Class 0, Group X, all filters
IEC61252 Ed. 1.1 (2002) Type 1 (Noise Dosimeter)
IEC61010-1 Ed. 2.0 (2001-02)
CE Directive 2004/108/EC, IEC 61326-1:2005