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Instrumented Shock Tube
Instrumented Shock Tube
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Instrumented Shock Tube - 9901C

3-1000 psi [20 kPa-69 MPa] Range

The Model K9901C Shock Tube performs dynamic characterizations on a wide range of pressure sensors. The Model K9901C produces a shock wave by the sudden burst of a replaceable diaphragm. The data acquisition hardware and software of the K9901C measure the amplitude and the timing of the shock wave, as well as ambient weather conditions. Engineers can calculate the sensitivity of a test sensor mounted in the end of the shock tube. The frequency response and resonant frequency of the test sensor may also be measured as a result of this shock wave. The K9901C is a separate platform from the 9155D systems due to the high speed data acquisition hardware. However, the K9901C software also allows save and recall of the acquired data and the equipment setup.

  • Enables high frequency sensitivity calculation
  • Measure resonant frequency of pressure sensors
  • Estimate pressure sensor frequency response

9901C Shock Tube Illustration