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Dynamic Sensors & Calibration Tips - Article Archive

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Accelerometer Basics
Structure and Function of Accelerometers
Accelerometer Internal Structure
Accelerometer Transduction Types: PE, PR, VC 
Sensing Elements: Quartz vs Ceramic
Similarities Between Charge and ICP Operation
Behavior of Accelerometers . . . Ideal versus Real World
The Trouble with Signal Cables
Benefits of Understanding ICP Sensor Bias
How Long Should an Accelerometer Cable Last?
Summary of Discharge Time Constant
ICP Accelerometer Options
Accelerometer Selection Considerations 
Why Calibrate?
Cable Consideration and Constant Current Level
An Introduction to TEDS
State of the Union - TEDS [question and answer]
Decoding an Accelerometer Specification Sheet [Presentation]
New Development in Shock Sensing
ICP and Resistive Bridges (ICPR™) [Presentation]
Piezoelectric Transduction Basics
Accelerometer Technologies and Performance [Presentation]
What's Wrong with My Accelerometer
Does TEDS add to my uncertainty?
Calibration and Engine Vibration Monitoring
Progress on a 60kG MEMS Sensor [Presentation]
Characterizing Accelerometer Mounting
Load Cells: Overview of their Design & Application
The Science of Accelerometer and Sensor Mounting
ICP vs Charge Mode Sensors and Instrumentation
Why is 100 Hz or 159.2 Hz the Reference Frequency?
Sound Power Basics
Accelerometer Frequency Range: A Tale of Two Specs

Microphones in Action

Calibration and Standards
Overview of Quality Systems and Standards
Overview of ISO 17025 Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories
Overview of ISO 16063 Accelerometer Calibration Standards
ISO 16063-11 Accelerometer Calibration via Laser Interferometery
ISO 16063-21 Accelerometer Calibration via a Reference Standard
ISO 16063-22 Shock Calibration by Comparison to a Reference
Primary vs Secondary/Transfer Calibration
Double vs Single Ended Transfer Standard Reference
Calibration Traceability
Overview on Calibration and Measurement Uncertainty
Calibration Uncertainties - Random versus Systemic
More Contributors to Uncertainty
Statistical Method for Calibrating Uncertainty
Statistical Tutorial on Measurement Uncertainty
Shock Tubes and Dynamic Pressure Characterization
Accelerometer Calibration Procedure Basics
Back to Calibration Basics - The Exciter [Presentation]
Principles of Dynamic Calibration
Relative Motion in Calibration
Proficiency Testing for Calibration Uncertainties
Interpreting Calibration Results
The Devil is in Accelerometer Calibration Details
New Optical Calibration References: Laser Primary and Encoder Low Frequency
Improving Low Frequency Accelerometer Calibration
Improved Low Frequency Accelerometer Calibration [technical paper]
A Longer Stroke Precision Calibration Exciter
Calibration and Linearity
Accelerometer Transverse Sensitivity Measurement [technical paper]
Calibration Exciter Transverse Motion [video]
Quality System Audits and Proficiency Test Deficiencies
Quality System Audits and Equipment Control Deficiencies
Is my Calibration Shaker Still Good Enough? [technical paper]
Instrumented Impact Hammer Calibration
Calibration Demand of the Aerospace and Defense Market
Examining the Why's and How's of Proficiency Testing [technical paper]
Do I really need to calibrate? [FAQ]
Accelerometer Calibration Tutorial [video]
Language of Metrology [presentation]
Common Options for Accelerometer Calibration Frequency Response
Structural Gravimetric Calibration Technique [technical paper]
Can I Supply my Own DVM?
Calibrating the Calibration System
Evolution of Calibration Reference Accelerometer
Calibration and Resonance Search [question and answer]
ED and Reference Limitations in Low Frequency Calibrations
Why is it Important to Calibrate My Microphones?
Guidelines Within Standards...Thou Shall or Thou Should Think?
Calibration from a Risk Management Perspective
How to Calibrate Your 4-20mA Current Loop Vibration Sensors
What's the Difference? Percent Difference vs Deviation in Accelerometer Calibration
Microphone Calibration Part 1: The Insert Voltage Technique
Small Arms Aummunition Manufacturer's Institute (SAAMI) Meeting Discusses High Pressure Sensors and Calibration
Microphone Calibration Part II: Electrostatic Actuator Frequency Response
How Does Relative Motion Affect My Calibration?
What Should the Shock Pulse Duration Be for Shock Calibration?
The Status of TEDS - IEEE 1451.4

Sensor Applications
What Makes a Good Modal Array Accelerometer?
Accelerometer Application Focus on Seismic Sensors
Triaxial Accelerometer Basics
Selecting Accelerometers for Assesing Data from Mechanical Shock Measurement [technical paper]
Accelerometers for Flight Test Applications Overview
Accelerometer Considerations in ESS, HALT & HASS
Accelerometer Considerations in Automotive Modal Analysis
Introduction to Industrial Accelerometers
Low Outgassing Accelerometers and Cables [technical paper]
Industrial Vibration Accelerometer Performance [technical paper]
Miniature Accelerometers for Testing Small Structures
Novel Uses for Accelerometers
Nontraditional Uses of ICP 'Power' Sensors
Vibration Measurement at High Temperatures
Pyroshock Explained [technical paper]
Placebo Transducers [technical paper]
Accelerometers and Dynamic Pressure Sensors for Extreme Environments [technical paper]
World's Longest Running Continuous Building Vibration Monitoring System Completes 25th Year
Accelerometers for Health & Usage Monitoring Systems [technical paper]
What Units Does an Accelerometer Calibration Value Have in the Digital World?

Actuator, Shaker and Excitation Basics
Practical Aspects of Electrodynamic Vibration Exciter Measurements for Modal Testing [technical paper]
Intro to Single Input Modal Testing With Shaker Excitation
Do's and Don'ts of Excitation Techniques [Presentation]
Modal Excitation Shaker Test Setup Tutorial [video]
DIMM is a Bright Idea: Mass-Properties Measurements For Large Structures May Be Safer, More Accurate, Efficient And Less Costly

Applications Development
Smart Speed Bump Moves Vehicles Faster
"Smart Turbine Blades" to Improve Wind Power
Question and Answer Post IMAC XXX [question and answer]
Question and Answer on General Trends in Vibration [question and answer]
New Techniques for Bone Health Monitoring
Top 10 Vibration Videos on the Internet
TMS Discovery Channel's Mythbusters [video]
Harvard University Uses Electrodynamic Shaker to Simulate Bumblebee Frequency with Flower Pollen
Lab Lessons Learned, Series 1
Lab Lessons Learned, Series 2
Lab Lessons Learned, Series 3
KU Leuven Designs Alternative to Impedance Tube Testing
University of North Dakota Uses Shaker in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Testing
Ohio University Uses Shaker on Humans in Bone Density Testing
University of Massachusetts Lowell Conducts Vibration Exploratory Experiments
University of Mississippi Uses Shaker, Hammer and Sensors in Bridge Testing

Quality Management
The Mistake of Ranking Employees
Give this to the boss...
First Time Right
Statistical Basis for Engineering Decisions
10 Best of Practices Laboratories