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Can Rental Help You Reach Your Goals?

Sound and Vibration Rental Can Benefit Your Next Project

Do you hear that?  It’s the sound of the ocean.  Such a relaxing place… 

Sorry to bring you back to reality - it’s not time for your summer beach getaway just yet.  When you head off for vacation, we’re betting that you have rented a car or a home for your stay, or perhaps even a boat for the day.  You don’t need any of these things long term, so renting is a great option.  Have you ever considered that you can rent equipment for your next test or application?  Our Sound & Vibration Rental Program team at The Modal Shop, is here to help demystify the reasons rental can make sense for your project.

Get the Right Instrumentation at a Minimum Cost

It’s often easy to feel limited by what equipment you have in stock.  What if you could have just the right item for your test, but you didn’t need to shell out thousands of dollars to purchase a unit. Renting or leasing equipment is a great opportunity to select the precise equipment you need to fulfill the requirements of an upcoming test with no capital expense attached.

Short-Term or One-Time Applications

Have you ever needed equipment for just a month?  Or even a week?  It just doesn’t make sense to buy a unit in this case.  Rather than abandoning your test or failing to do necessary maintenance in your facility, consider rental.  Rental service providers are well suited to help you in these situations.  They have the equipment you need and can help you reach you goals.

Try Before You Buy

Have you ever found yourself on the fence about purchasing a product?  Not sure if it will work well in your facility?  Rental is a great way to test out equipment and get real-time feedback from your team on the practicality and usefulness of the unit as a solution.  Sometimes, rental service providers will even allow you to apply the rental fees you’ve paid to buy out the unit.  Just ask!

Cost of Ownership Issues

Looking to simplify your life and work?  Rental offers a means to avoid the ongoing maintenance and upkeep associated with equipment you own.  Any good rental service provider will offer quality equipment that is up to date on any necessary maintenance.  You’ll never have to worry about an oil change, calibration, or cleaning.  It’s all taken care of for you!

Ready to Rent?

Check out The Modal Shop’s rental webpage or download a pricelist today!