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Impact Hammer for Structural Response Testing


"Impulse Technique for Structural Frequency Response Testing"

Structural frequency response testing, also known as "modal analysis," is becoming an integral part of the development and testing of a wide range of industrial and consumer products. It is an essential tool for the definition and solution of many types of structural dynamic problems, such as fatigue, vibration and noise. This article discusses one of the most useful techniques for experimental structural frequency response testing - one based upon excitation of the structure with an impulsive force. In many situations, this is the simplest and fastest of the various techniques commonly used today. However, the nature of the excitation and response signals in the impulse technique requires special signal processing techniques if accurate frequency response measurements are to be obtained. This article discusses the application of the impulse technique and reviews the special problems encountered in practice and the techniques that have been developed for dealing with those problems.

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