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LanSharc™ Smart Digital Controller
LanSharc™ Smart Digital Controller
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Band Energy Alert / Recorder (BEAR)

For basic rotating machinery, much can be understood about the condition health from a simple vibration signature. Well known references have been published on machine vibration severity, as well as other operational standards.

A basic single frequency band vibration monitor (SDC002 VibeAlarm™) can be an extremely inexpensive and effective condition health watch dog. For more complex types of machinery, multiple frequency band energy monitoring with the LanSharc BEAR system can help identify specific condition faults or degradation. For example, on a rolling mill separate bands can be selected which monitor previously identified problem frequencies which could be drive speed, gear box, backup roll, work roll, and octave chatter frequencies. Slow speed (static) inputs can be used for thickness gauge, tensiometer, or other readings as well.

The combination of new economical measuring hardware for both dynamic and static variables, combined with the simplified analysis of band energy allow continuous, online, easy and accurate alert/alarming on nearly any piece of critical machinery. Learn more about BEAR™.