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Sound and vibration (as well as dynamic force, strain and pressure) are now affordable metrics available on the plant floor or in the field. No longer is the FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) Spectrum analyzer or data logger a $20,000 investment. Decades of machine diagnostics knowledge, previously deployed only in expensive laboratories or a few high end consultants, can now be deployed across a broad range of machines and manufacturing processes. Even more importantly, vibration monitoring as a process variable is already improving manufacturing performance and yields in spindle operations, rolling mills, shipboard rotating machinery, and even steady state operations such as pumps, fans and electric motors.

Dynamic measurements have already proven a valuable process variable in the power generation industry (pump/motor vibe, start up time, flicker, etc.), rolling process (Gauge chatter, bar chatter, grinder dynamics, etc.), food processing (dynamic pump pressures, etc.), petrochemical industries (cracking tower catalyst health, burner clogs / condition, etc.), and various other applications such as machinery dynamics, diesel motor monitoring, bridge monitoring, consumer fabric product crimping, carpet manufacturing, MRI noise control, compressor noise, etc.

Almost every manufacturing process can benefit from sound and vibration as either a process or environmental parameter. All that is needed is a convenient way to measure, analyze and control dynamic signals from a variety of sensors. A number of programming environments are available to provide easy access to the power and affordability of the LanSharc™ SMART digital controller platform.

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