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LanSharc™ Smart Digital Controller
LanSharc™ Smart Digital Controller
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Smart Digital Controller

The LanSharc™ Smart Digital Controller is a highly programmable and configurable platform for advanced machine process vibration applications development and deployment. It is designed for applications that monitor critical part quality or protect critical process machinery and systems from either failure or degradation. As such, it combines the latest in analog to digital conversion and digital signal processing technology with abundant memory and communications resources.

Provide your users with the dynamic process information needed - anytime - anywhere - by simply integrating the LanSharc into your on-line monitoring and control systems using RS-232 or Ethernet!

  • Affordable Digital Signal Processor
  • 20 Hz to 40 kHz Real-Time Bandwidth Across 1-4 Sensor Input Channels
  • Up to 4 Channels 12-bit Slow Speed Input
  • 24 Bit Delta Sigma Analog to Digital Converter
  • Integral ICP® Sensor Power
  • 4 Contact Closure/LED
  • 2 Digital Inputs

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