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Machine Condition Health Monitoring

Condition health monitoring has been successfully used for decades but often on only the most critical capital assets due to the high cost of online monitoring equipment and personnel training. Relegated to infrequent, "route based" monitoring, midrange assets become laborious targets which are considered on a monthly or quarterly basis. Data has to be collected by hand, then transferred to a central database and trended by a structural dynamics expert for useful information. Finally, the information is taken back to the machine for adjustment or repair.

Fortunately, the new wave of affordable sound and vibration monitors has now made online conditioning health monitoring cost effective on even midrange assets. Harvesting data online at the machine, these smart monitors can alert either the operator or the machine's process system of potentially harmful situations. Simple band energy calculations reduce complex vibration spectra into easy-to-understand "indicators" to pinpoint problems before they become severe. "Process friendly" 4-20 mA output or digital contact closures help to close the loop in alerting of machine condition health warnings.

Example Applications:

• Band Energy Alert / Recorder (BEAR™)

• Statistical Alarming for Machine Condition Health (ePIG) 

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