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SDC002 VibeAlarm™
SDC002 VibeAlarm™
This product is CE Compliant
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Excess Machinery Vibration Limit Switch

The SDC002 VibeAlarm™ is a DIN rail mountable monitoring unit designed to warn against excessive machinery vibration levels and provide a current loop control signal. An accelerometer signal is conditioned, filtered, and checked against user selectable alert and alarm levels. Each has an adjustable time delay to minimize false alarms and can be set for latching or momentary operation. A 4-20 mA current loop output proportional to the conditioned, filtered sensor signal is provided through a screw terminal. This allows direct connection to a PLC, plant control bus, SCADA, or other system without additional interfaces. In addition, the raw accelerometer output is provided for connection to an external monitoring or "walk-around" system through a panel mounted BNC.

A dot matrix LCD displays the measured value including units. Output can be in the form of acceleration, velocity, or displacement in either English or metric units. Vibration in excess of user-specified alert and alarm levels is indicated through front panel LEDs as well as relay contact closure. The software configuration interface provided allows for quick and easy setup of the SDC002 through a standard RS-232 port. The VibeAlarm is convenient for steady-state operations, likes pumps, fans, motors, etc.


  • Two Levels of Alarm with Latching or Momentary Settings
  • Computer Programmable Band-Pass Filtering
  • LCD Display or Output with LED Indicators
  • BNC Provides Raw Accelerometer Signal
  • ICP® Sensor Power
  • DIN Rail Mountable


  • Electric Motors
  • Industrial Fans
  • Pumps
  • Compressors
  • Gear Boxes
  • Bearing Housings

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