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Advantages of Resonant Acoustic Method

Why Choose NDT-RAM Resonant Inspection for Non-Destructive Testing?

Non-Destructive Testing using the Resonance Acoustic Method offers many advantages over other test methods.

No Part Preparation - no need for fixturing, cleaning, magnetizing, dye, or other preparation; parts can be tested in the production line

Fast - each part is fully inspected in one to three seconds typical*, making it easy to implement 100% inspection of production parts

Objective – no operator interpretation needed; Pass or Fail results are clearly displayed on the screen

Complete – NDT-RAM is a whole-body test method: the entire part is tested at once instead of having to test a part multiple times in different locations

Accurate - computerized Pass/Fail acceptance results ensure inspection accuracy

Versatile - system can be used to test many different parts; select the desired part from a pull-down menu and begin testing

Easy to Use - simple terminology makes NDT-RAM easy to learn and operate

Configurable - many of the same components in the portable unit are used in the automated system; the technology has been designed with automation in mind

Flexible - contact or non-contact testing; sensors can be either accelerometers or microphones

Rugged - designed to withstand a wide range of plant environments

Secure - provides password protection for three user levels: manager, technician, inspector

Report Generation - a detailed or summary report, including statistical analysis, is easily generated; database data recording option included with all systems

Value Added - confidence that every part is tested and that approved parts are defective free allows you to focus your attention and efforts on your core business

Service - our trained and experienced service staff is committed to serving our customers' needs

*Part throughput rate dependent upon part size, belt size, data acquisition setup parameters, and other part handling requirements

NDT-RAM was designed to help you deliver fully inspected parts economically, accurately and on time.


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