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NDT-RAM Systems Selection Guide
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How the NDT-RAM Equipment Works

Resonant Inspection with NDT-RAM

The Resonant Acoustic Method (NDT-RAM™) for Non-Destructive Testing

Resonant Inspection - Impact the Part.png

                                     Resonant Inspection - Impact the Part.png

Resonant Inspection - Measure the Response.png

                                     Resonant Inspection - Impact the Part.png

Resonant Inspection - Process the Data.png

                                     Resonant Inspection - Impact the Part.png

Resonant Inspection - Quantify the Results.png


Impact the Part

The part can either be impacted with a manual hammer or an industrial electric hammer. It is important to excite the part with a proper, repeatable force. This will improve the repeatability and reliability of the test.

Resonant Acoustic Method Impact Hammer

Measure the Response

A microphone is used to provide accurate acoustic measurement of the component's resonant frequency and amplitude values. The NDT microphone provides a perfect fit of price, accuracy and dependability.

Process the Data and Quantify the Results

Changes in mass, stiffness and damping due to certain defects can cause...

The family of NDT-RAM systems range from a portable manual system ideal for parts investigation and troubleshooting, to a semi-automated system for easy integration into your existing process, to a fully automated conveyor-based or drop test fixture system as a turn-key solution for 100% parts inspection.


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