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Portable Vibration Calibrator Kit for Aviation Applications

Model 9110F Accelerometer Transducer Test Set & Calibration System

National Stock Number: 6635-01-692-7511

9110F with accessories

The Portable Vibration Calibrator Kit for Aviation Applications Model 9110F, similar to the Charge Amplifier Input Portable Vibration Calibrator Model C9110D, is a transducer test set with an enhanced suite of accessories specific to the wide variety of vibration transducers used within aviation applications for rotor track and balance, dynamic propeller balance, and turbine engine balance. A modern version of the decades-old Dynamic Instruments DI‑811A vibration calibrator, the 9110F vastly improves accuracy, displays pass/fail notification after each test point, provides linearity calibrations, offers self-test features without return to OEM, is controllable via SCPI commands, and comes complete with the accessories required for turn-key operation. Like the DI‑811A, the 9110F performs auto payload calculations. Users are never prompted to input the mass of the sensor under test.

The Portable Vibration Calibrator Kit for Aviation Applications Model 9110F is supplied with the following accessories:

Model 9100‑PS06

Turn-key power supply for Honeywell (formerly Chadwick Helmuth) 7310 and 8866‑1 velocimeters used to measure vibration on the C‑130 aircraft
Model 9100‑PS09

Turn-key power supply for Wilcoxon 991D accelerometers supplied with ACES Systems balancing kits
Model 9100‑PS02

Power supply for modulated current, Constant Voltage Line Drive (CVLD) velocity sensors and accelerometers
Model 9100‑CBL01
Turn-key calibration cable for Wilcoxon 993A, Dynamic Instruments DI-103 and DI-103A, and similar triaxial sensors supplied with ACES Systems balancing kits
Model 003C03
10‑32 to BNC cable
Model 9100‑MNT03S
Triaxial accelerometer mounting block and support shim used with Wilcoxon 993A, Dynamic Instruments DI‑103 and DI‑103A, and other triaxial and off-axes sensors such as Dytran Airborne Accelerometer models 3077A, 3078A, and 3079A
Model 9155‑MNT07
Adhesive mounting target ideal for Dytran HUMS and aircraft vibration control (AVC) Airborne Accelerometers such as biaxial series 3232
Model 353B03
Transfer standard reference accelerometer
Models 9100‑HTMNT01 & 9100‑HTMNT02
Mounting pads for three- and four-bolt high temp differential charge mode accelerometers and magnetic coil vibration sensors. Example models include Endevco series 6222S and 6233C, CEC 4‑128 and others within the product line, Dytran 5334 and 5355.
And more…  

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The 9110F is also a NIST-traceable vibration source for the verification of balancing kits and vibration analyzers made by ACES Systems, MTI Instruments and others. The 9110F is supplied with a Vibration Analyzer Calibration Workbook that allows technicians to create NIST-traceable calibration certificates for both linearity and frequency response of ACES Systems ProBalancer 2020, Viper II, Cobra II, and ATABS balancing analyzers as well as MTI's PBS-4100+. Specific to the PBS-4100+, both the 9110F and balancing analyzer have a BNC input, making cable connections simple. Users can troubleshoot MTI model 41CA and ACES Systems model 510 charge amplifiers.

The 9110F is supplied with a calibration certificate confirming its accuracy. Calibration of the 9110F is accredited to the ISO 17025 standard by the American Association of Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA). The transfer standard utilized is calibrated on an ISO 16063-11 Laser Primary Calibration System with the lowest uncertainty budget of any system in the United States. You can view The Modal Shop’s Scope of Accreditation here.