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Single Axis ICP Cables

Select a cable that mates the selected sensor to the signal conditioning or matching hardware. See related accelerometer pages to determine what cable connection mates with each sensor.

Coaxial Cables for Uniaxial Sensors
Series Description Temp Range °F Capacitance Diameter
002 White general purpose PTFE -130 to +400 29pF/ft 0.075in
003 Blue low noise PTFE -320 to +500 30pF/ft 0.079in
012 Black RG58/U -40 to +176 29pF/ft 0.193in
018 Miniature, lightweight, black coaxial -22 to +221 55pF/ft 0.054in
030 Miniature, low-noise, blue coaxial PTFE -130 to +500 30pF/ft 0.042in
Uniaxial Connector Styles
  10-32 Plug
[PCB Cable Termination Model EB]
BNC Plug
[PCB Cable Termination Model AC]
Pigtail Plug
[PCB Cable Termination Model AD]
002AC010AD [10ft]
002AC025AD [25ft]
3-56 Plug
[PCB Cable Termination Model EK]
030A Series
030A10 [10ft]
030C Series
030C05 [5ft]
030C10 [10ft]
030C20 [20ft]
030C30 [30ft]
030C50 [50ft]
5-44 Plug
[PCB Cable Termination Model AG]
003G Series
003G03 [3ft]
003G10 [10ft]
003P Series
003P30 [30ft]

018C Series
018C05 [5ft]
018C20 [20ft]
10-32 Plug
[PCB Cable Termination Model EB]
002A Series
002A10 [10ft]

003A Series
003A03 [3ft]
003A10 [10ft]
003A30 [30ft]
003C Series
003C03 [3ft]
003C10 [10ft]
003C20 [20ft]
003C30 [30ft]
003C50 [50ft]
003EB100AC [100ft]
002C Series
002C30 [30ft]
002C50 [50ft]
BNC Plug
[PCB Cable Termination Model AC]
  002T Series
002T03 [3ft]
002T05 [5ft]
002T10 [10ft]
002T20 [20ft]
002T30 [30ft]

003D Series
003D03 [3ft]
003D10 [10ft]
003D20 [20ft]
012A Series
012A03 [3ft]
012A06 [6ft]
012A10 [10ft]
012A25 [25ft]
012A50 [50ft]
012A100 [100ft]
MIL-C-5015 Jack
[PCB Cable Termination Model AE]
  012E Series
012E10 [10ft]
012E20 [20ft]
012E50 [50ft]

Portable Cable Tester
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Portable Cable Tester; BNC Connecetions, 10-32 Connections, 5-44 Connections.


Test any 2-conductor cable for faults or opens, and identify issues to inner or outer conductor or shorts. Includes BNC, 10-32 and 5-44 connectors for each cable end; other adaptors can be used.