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Light Environmental Protection and Battery for 831C/LxT/831

Model EPS042

Ideal for short term unattended testing, Model EPS042 is designed to work in any application using these Larson Davis sound level meters:


EPS042 includes:

  • BAT015 battery holder: fused battery holder for 4x or 8x D-cell batteries with quick start sheet (Expected meter run times shown below)
  • Lightweight environmental protection / case for meter and BAT015
  • Port for extension cable to connect meter to external preamplifier/microphone
  • Custom battery door for meter
  • D cell batteries available for additional fee

Items ordered separately include:

  • Sound Level Meter
  • Extension Cable (typically EXC type, select appropriate length)
  • Additional microphone/preamplifier environmental protection (typically EPS2116)
  • Tripod

Run Time Comparison:

Model EPS042/BAT015 with 8x D-cell alkaline batteries (ordered separately) (4x) AA Alkaline (4x) AA Lithium
831C 5 days 8 hours 18 hours
LxT 17 days 16 hours 30 hours
831 9 days 13 hours 24 hours


  • BAT015 can be used with 4x D-cell batteries; life is half of published 8x D-cell battery specifications.
  • Shipping dimensions and weights are dependent on configuration of Sound Level Meter kits.