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Rental Overview

Pricelist, Forms and More

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General Questions

Where can I find current pricing for rental products?

Where can I find additional information or data sheets for a certain product?

Is help available when selecting the right equipment for my test?

How do I place a rental order?

Are there direct sales contacts in my area?

What buyout or purchase options exist for rental equipment?

I'm interested in items previously or currently sold by a PCB Group company that aren’t listed; is it available?

What else should I know about the rental process?

Rental Period Related Questions

Can items be reserved for rental?

When does a rental term begin and end?

Are long-term rates available?

I would like to extend my TMS Rental– who do I need to contact?

Payment Related Questions

How do I set up an account with The Modal Shop?

What payment options do you offer?

Shipment Related Questions

How long do rentals take to process and ship?

What shipping methods are available?

What about insurance?

Where should I return my TMS Rental products?

How are International Rental Returns handled?

Calibration Related Questions

Will the units arrive calibrated?

How often are rental units checked for functionality?