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Technical Library

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(abstract) A Framework for Smart Transducer Interface Systems [conference paper]
(abstract) Streamlined Test Setup with TEDS Technology [conference paper]
(abstract) The Fundamentals of Signal Analysis [handbook]
(abstract) Time Scale Re-Sampling to Improve Transient Event Averaging [conference paper]
(abstract) Fundamentals of Modal Analysis [handbook]
(abstract) Multi-Tachometer Order Tracking and Operating Shape Extraction [conference paper]
(abstract) The Time Variant Discrete Fourier Transform as an Order Tracking Method [conference paper]
(abstract) Shaker/Stinger Effects on Measured Frequency Response Functions [conference paper]
Accelerometer Basics
(abstract) Structure and Function of Accelerometers [article]
(abstract) Accelerometer Internal Structure [article]
(abstract) Accelerometer Transduction Types [article]
(abstract) Quartz vs Ceramic [article]
(abstract) Similarities Between ICP and Charge Mode [article]
(abstract) Specification and Behavior of Accelerometers [article]
(abstract) Benefits of Understanding ICP Sensor Bias [article]
(abstract) The Trouble with Signal Cables [article]
(abstract) How Long Should an Accelerometer Cable Last [article]
(abstract) Discharge Time Constant [article]
(abstract) ICP Accelerometer Options [article]
(abstract) Why Calibrate? [article]
(abstract) Cable Consideration and Constant Current [technical note]
(abstract) An Introduction to TEDS [article]
(abstract) Decoding the Accelerometer Specification Sheet [presentation]
(abstract) Accelerometer Calibration Procedure Basics [article]
(abstract) Piezoelectric Transduction Basics [article]
(abstract) Accelerometer Technologies and Performance [presentation]
(abstract) Does TEDS Add To My Uncertainty? [article]
(abstract) State of the Union - TEDS [question and answer]
(abstract) Calibration and Engine Vibration Monitoring [article]
(abstract) Characterizing Accelerometer Mounting [article]
(abstract) Novel Uses for Accelerometers [article]
(abstract) Nontraditional Uses of ICP™ 'Power' Sensors [conference paper]
(abstract) What's Wrong With My Accelerometer? [article]
Shock and Vibration Sensor Applications
(abstract) Modal Array Accelerometers [article]
(abstract) Accelerometer Application Focus on Seismic Sensors [article]
(abstract) Triaxial Accelerometer [article]
(abstract) Accelerometers for Flight Test Applications [article]
(abstract) Accelerometer Considerations in ESS, HALT & HASS [article]
(abstract) Accelerometer Considerations for Automotive Modal/NVH [article]
(abstract) Introduction to Industrial Accelerometers [article]
(abstract) Miniature Sensors for Testing Small Structures [article]
(abstract) Vibration Measurement at High Temperatures [article]
(abstract) Industrial Vibration Accelerometer Performance [conference paper]
(abstract) Accelerometers for Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS) [paper]
Pressure Sensor Applications
[no articles]
Strain Measurement Applications
(abstract) 'Light Flight' - New Technologies for Dynamic Strain Measurement Sensors [article]
Actuator, Shaker and Excitation Basics
(abstract) Advantages of Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) Testing Using Low Level Excitation Systems [Conference Paper]
(abstract) Modal Testing Excitation Techniques [magazine article]
(abstract) Effects of Shaker, Stinger and Transducer Mounting on Measured Frequency Response Functions [conference paper]
(abstract) Practical Considerations in Electrodynamic Vibration Exciter Selection [conference paper]
(abstract) Intro To Single Input Modal Testing With Shaker Excitation [video]
(abstract) Tutorial in Modal Shaker Excitation [presentation]
(abstract) Do's and Don'ts of Excitation Techniques [presentation]
(abstract) ICP Based Reference Accelerometers
(abstract) A New Solution for Shock and Vibration Calibration of Accelerometers [conference paper]
(abstract) Air Bearing Shaker for Precision Calibration of Accelerometers [conference paper]
(abstract) Shock and Vibration Calibration of Accelerometers [conference paper]
(abstract) Accelerometer Calibration Q&A [question and answer]
(abstract) Language of Metrology [presentation]
(abstract) New Techniques in Primary Accelerometer Calibration [conference paper]
(abstract) Accelerometer Transverse Sensitivity Measurement Using Planar Orbital Motion [conference paper]
(abstract) Automated Testing of Accelerometer Transverse Sensitivity [conference paper]
(abstract) The Effect of High Transverse Inputs on Accelerometer Calibration [conference paper]
(abstract) Primary vs Secondary/Transfer Calibration [article]
(abstract) Calibration Traceability [article]
(abstract) Double vs Single Ended Transfer Standard Reference [article]
(abstract) Overview on Calibration and Measurement Uncertainty [article]
(abstract) Random vs Systemic Calibration Uncertainties [article]
(abstract) More Contributors to Uncertainty [article]
(abstract) Statistical Method for Evaluating Uncertainty [article]
(abstract) Principles of Dynamic Calibration [article]
(abstract) Relative Motion in Calibration [article]
(abstract) Proficiency Testing for Calibration Uncertainties [article]
(abstract) Calibration Exciter Transverse Motion [video]
(abstract) Interpreting Calibration Results [article]
(abstract) The Devil is in Accelerometer Calibration Details [article]
(abstract) New Optical Calibration References: Laser Primary and Encoder Low Frequency [article]
(abstract) Improved Low Frequency Accelerometer Calibration [article]
(abstract) Improved Low Frequency Accelerometer Calibration [conference paper]
(abstract) A Longer Stroke Precision Calibration Exciter [article]
(abstract) Calibration and Linearity [article]
(abstract) Instrumented Impact Hammer Calibration [article]
(abstract) Calibration Demand of the Aerospace and Defense Market [article]
(abstract) Accelerometer Calibration Tutorial [video]
(abstract) Common Options for Accelerometer Calibration Systems [article]
(abstract) Lowering the Barriers of Laser Primary Calibration [article]
(abstract) Can I Supply my Own DVM? [article]
(abstract) Calibrating the Calibration System [article]
(abstract) Evolution of Calibration Reference Accelerometer [article]
(abstract) Calibration and Resonance Search [question and answer]
(abstract) ED and Reference Limitations in Low Frequency Calibration [article]
(abstract) Structural Gravimetric Calibration Technique [conference paper]
Calibration Standards
(abstract) Overview of Quality Systems and Standards [article]
(abstract) Overview of ISO 17025 Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories [article]
(abstract) Overview of ISO 16063 Accelerometer Calibration Standards [article]
(abstract) ISO 16063-11 Laser Interferometer Method Overview [article]
(abstract) ISO 16063-21 - Calibration via Reference Standard [article]
(abstract) ISO 16063-22 - Shock Calibration via Reference [article]
(abstract) Quality System Audits and Proficiency Test Deficiencies [article]
(abstract) Quality System Audits and Equipment Control Deficiencies [article]
(abstract) PCB Microphone Handbook [handbook]
(abstract) Sound Power Measurements [handbook]
(abstract) Acoustic Source Location in Vehicle Cabins and Free-field with Nearfield Acoustical Holography via Acoustic Arrays [conference paper]
(abstract) Comparison of Nearfield Acoustic Holography and Dual Microphone Intensity Measurements [conference paper]
Resonant Acoustic Method NDT
(abstract) NDT-RAM Hardware Tutorials [videos]
(abstract) NDT-RAM Software Tutorials [videos]
(abstract) Fundamentals of Resonant Acoustic Method NDT [conference paper]
(abstract) Resonant Inspection Applied to 100% Testing of Nodularity of Cast Ductile Iron [conference paper]
(abstract) Physical Basis of the Resonant Acoustic Method for Flaw Detection
(abstract) Total Quality with Rapid Through-put of Powdered Metal and Cast Parts for Whole Part Flaw Detection via Resonant Acoustic Method of Inspection [conference paper]
(abstract) Effect of Crack Size on Natural Frequency Using Resonant Inspection [conference paper]
(abstract) Enhanced Resonant Inspection Using Component Weight Compensation [conference paper]
(abstract) Resonant Inspection as an Automated NDT Method for Sinter Brazed Powder Metal Components [conference paper]
Quality Management
(abstract) The Mistake of Forced Ranking [article]
(abstract) Give this to the boss... [article]
(abstract) Statistical Basis for Engineering Decisions [article]
(abstract) Lab Lessons Learned from Student Testing, Series 1 [article]