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About The Modal Shop

The Modal Shop, Inc. offers structural vibration and acoustic sensing systems and services for various applications in design and test laboratories as well as manufacturing plants. An extensive sound and vibration rental program, precision calibration systems, and both modal and vibration shakers are designed to simplify test phases. Non Destructive Testing Systems help manufacturers provide 100% quality inspection of metal components. The Modal Shop is part of Amphenol Corporation (NYSE: APH).

Mission Statement
"Simplifying people's lives with smart sensing solutions that help improve the performance of people, products, and processes."

Our Name
Our name was chosen to combine the science of "modal," or structural testing, and the full-service attitude of our "shop"-like organization. Our business is dedicated to help you test, model, and modify the dynamic behavior of structures and processes. We strive to provide the experimental testing community with a single source for all modal and test needs.

Today's competitive manufacturing environment is driving both technology and efficiency gains at even the smallest of operations. Addressing these needs, smart sensors and SMART digital controllers are now economical, infrastructure friendly and easy to deploy in your current processes. Previously used only by the machinery maintenance or health monitoring personnel, sound and vibration are now high return measurands on the plant floor generating reliable and cost effective indicators of part quality, process integrity AND machine health. Expense level investments in smart sensing are providing capital level returns in improved quality manufacturing. Can you afford not to learn more?